Electrical Repair Isn't Wishful Thinking

Electrical Repair Isn't Wishful Thinking

It's a reality for residents in Decatur, Madison, & Huntsville, AL

When your electrical outlet is dead or lights are flickering, you can't afford to wait for a pro to troubleshoot the problem. After all, you'd probably want to know if you're dealing with an electrical fire hazard. Right Choice Electric, LLC will handle your electrical repair the day you call us to troubleshoot your system.

Residents in Decatur, Madison, & Huntsville, AL trust us with their outlet, breaker panel and lighting repair. You can, too.

Call 256-221-1308 today to speak with our experienced electrician.

You'll love how we do business

Right Choice Electric will...

  • Pinpoint the source of your electrical issues
  • Use specialty equipment to adjust electrical connections
  • Replace components to bring your electrical system up to code

Make us your electrical contractor. You'll be glad you did. Contact us today to schedule electrical repair services, including lighting repair.

Watch for these signs that you need electrical repairs

It's important to be on the lookout for any signs of electrical issues so you can get them fixed as quickly as possible. You'll know it's time to contact us for electrical repairs if:

  • Your circuit breakers keep tripping
  • An outlet sparks when you plug something in
  • Your lights are dim or flickering
  • There's a burning odor coming from your outlets
  • You hear a buzzing sound near your electrical panel

Get in touch with us now to arrange for electrical services in Decatur, Madison or Huntsville, AL.