Don't Take a Chance, Upgrade Your Panel Today

Don't Take a Chance, Upgrade Your Panel Today

We'll handle your electric panel upgrade in the Decatur, Madison, Huntsville, AL or the surrounding area

When your fuse panel can't keep up with your electrical demands, blowing a fuse is inevitable. Don't put off your breaker panel replacement-be proactive when scheduling an electric panel upgrade. Right Choice Electric, LLC will install your new unit so you won't lose power when you least expect it.

We'll take the stress out of replacing your electrical panel. Call 256-221-1308 today to make an appointment with our electrician serving Decatur, Madison, Huntsville, AL and surrounding areas.

What happens during an electric panel upgrade?

Unlike other electricians, Right Choice Electric provides hassle-free services. Here's what to expect during your breaker panel replacement:

  • Step one: Your utility provider will cut the power to your house or office building.
  • Step two: Once the power is off, your utility provider will remove the meter.
  • Step three: Right Choice Electric will install your electrical panel and ground rod. If necessary, we'll replace outdated wiring to ensure that your system is up to code.

You won't have to lift a finger when you pick Right Choice Electric for your electric panel upgrade.

Here's why upgrading your electrical panel is important

An electrical panel upgrade will eliminate problems like flickering lights and brownouts. It will also allow you to add appliances and other electronics to your home without worrying about tripping breakers, blowing fuses or damaging the appliances. Having an up-to-date electrical panel is also considered a significant safety feature, which, for some properties, will reduce your insurance costs. If your home still has a fuse box, you're well past the point of upgrading and should call us right away.

Reach out to us today to schedule electrical services.